Country specific
cross-cultural training

  • The cultural mindset of Slovaks with reference to their history, geography and political development.
  • Values and attitudes of Slovaks in a private life and professional environment.
  • The key dimensions of Slovak culture having a crucial impact on relationships and successful cooperation.
  • Slovak communication style essentials and taboos.
  • How to cooperate with Slovak colleagues and understand their attitudes and values?
  • How to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings?
  • Recommendations on setting down and enjoying a private life in Slovakia.

Possible alternatives: cross-cultural training on Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, USA, Germany, China, Italy, Israel, Sweden, France and South Africa.

Working across

  • Culture key drivers and their impact on cooperation with other cultures.
  • How do different communication styles affect understanding and information flow?
  • Tools and strategies to develop long-term relationships with team members and customers.
  • Why do cross-cultural misunderstandings happen in business communication?
  • Tips on how to manage conflicts and reach agreement working on common projects.
  • Strategies how to share and provide feedback to team members.

Successful cooperation in a multicultural team

  • Cultural know-how for identifying cultural differences and synergies.
  • Cross-cultural understanding of individual and team strengths.
  • Communication skills for overcoming cultural barriers.
  • Strategies for building relationships and trust across cultures.
  • Tips on how to provide support, manage conflicts and reach agreement when working on common projects.
  • Understanding cross-cultural failures and building strategies how to face performance challenges.

Cross-cultural Leadership Training

  • What are key values shaping my successful leaders’ mindset?
  • How does culture influence leadership styles?
  • What do different cultures expect from their leaders?
  • How do global leaders communicate their messages, visions and ideas across cultures?
  • How to build trust with a team and overcome cross-cultural barriers?
  • How to motivate, encourage, engage and built strong teams?

Cross-cultural Management

  • Understanding the impact of culture on performance.
  • Strategies on how to motivate people from different cultures.
  • Tools to find a common way how to move forward while running a project.
  • Case studies on how cross cultural and intercultural issues manifest in a
  • Providing guidance on how to leverage cultural differences and maximize the potential of a multicultural team.

What is a cultural mindset of our customers?

  • How does culture condition needs and expectations of customers?
  • How to adapt my communication style to customers’ one?
  • What kind of relationships and support do customers expect from me?
  • How are time, delivery deadlines and agreements viewed by different cultures?
  • How to deliver the tailored information to customers?
  • How to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings and complaints?

Cross-cultural Sales Skills

  • The key cross-cultural business dimensions for successful sales strategy across cultures.
  • How to establish a contact, introduce company and its products across cultures?
  • How to arrange a business meeting and avoid misunderstandings across cultures?
  • Crucial values and expectations of business partners and customers across cultures.
  • Small Talk and other tools of a social interaction as a must for cross-cultural success.

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